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Car Care

Kategori produk Car Care, kami adalah produsen khusus dari Cina, Car Care Parts, Auto Care Parts pemasok / pabrik, grosir berkualitas tinggi produk dari Car Maintenance R & D dan manufaktur, kami memiliki sempurna layanan purna jual dan dukungan teknis. Berharap untuk kerjasama Anda!
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Memperluas Hose Garden Hose Pipe

Model No : 1403739

25FT Memperluas Hose Garden Hose Pipe Mutifunctional Taman Memperluas Hose Pipe Dengan Tap Connector Retractable Flexible Water Hose Green. Fitur: Dapat diperluas dan dilipat, sehingga lebih mudah digunakan dan menghemat banyak ruang. Selang ini...

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Cina Car Care Pemasok
In-car care refers to the cleaning and maintenance of parts and the like inside a car. The products are classified as antifreeze, coolant, brake fluid, lubricating oil, additives and the like, which play a protective role on the engine and the like.
There are five general categories of lubricant additives used in automotive care products: detergents, dispersants, viscosity index improvers, anti-wear agents, and antioxidants.

For the car interior care, low-cost, low-tech, low-profit is the basic characteristics of the industry, so in 2000 this industry into a large number of businesses. In 2004, the industry experienced a big turmoil, from the initial stage of development to the upgrade phase.

Car exterior care, also known as car beauty. "Car beauty" in English means "car beauty" and "car care", contains the meaning of beauty and maintenance, including car beauty (car wash, remove oily stains, car wax, Refurbishment and retreading of tires), car beauty (car beauty care, engine care and trunk cleaning), cosmetic beauty (finish loss treatment, paint scratch treatment and painting), car protection Film, installation of anti-theft devices, the installation of voice alarm system and the installation of electrostatic discharger) and automotive products (car perfume, car room purification, decorative stickers and a variety of cushion cover), and other 5 areas.

Car beauty products include: water quench water car wax. Long lasting solid wax wax. Senior soft wax. Polished bright wax. Car tire foam brightener. Car polish wax spray. Belle Bailey. Asphalt, asphalt cleaner. Color reducing agent. , Crystal glaze and other beauty products

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